What Sets Us Apart

Ikon is a first-class organization from the top down.

The efficiency and dedication that Ikon gives to its clients is the best I’ve experienced, and I trust them to handle my transactions in the past, present, and future.

— Robertson Allen; Owner, The Cassina Group

Ikon is honest and open with me about my clients.

They are great at communicating with me where everything stands with our deals.  They have also been just as competitive as anyone around as far as rates and fees.  I know they consistently have a lot of deals going on and my clients are just one, but you would never know that from the attention that they give me and my clients.

— Charlie Inglefield; The Cassina Group

Brian Pulaski

The Highest Customer Service with Remarkable Results

I am a buyer’s agent for The Real Estate Experts, one of the most productive real estate teams in Charleston. In today’s market it is imperative that you know who you are working with and how they work. Jason has always provided me and my clients with the highest customer service with remarkable results. Jason is very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile right up to the very end. I would recommend Jason for refinancing to a VA loan and all of your mortgage needs.

— Brian Pulaski; The Real Estate Experts

Ikon Financial Group is an outstanding company to work with.

My wife and I were extremely satisfied with the service we received. Chris and the rest of the staff were professional, timely, informative and very helpful. This was our first home and we didn’t know much about the process. Actually we were very nervous about the whole thing. In speaking with Chris, he walked us through the whole process to make us feel more at ease.

Whenever I had a question, I never hesitated to call to find out an answer. Even If Chris wasn’t available (even on his cell phone I may add), I was able to find my answer very quickly. Any questions or issues I ran across, I felt confident that Chris and the staff would walk me through it. I always mention Ikon Financial Group when I talk with friends that are looking to purchase a home. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a home and wants excellent service. We love our new home and sincerely thank Island Lending Group for their effort in making it happen.

— Brandon Rollins; Charleston, SC

I’ve received several “nos” from banks and brokers alike.

Being self-employed, nobody seemed to be able to find a way to make the combined income of my wife and I substantiate to being loan worthy. Having good credit and down payment cash available I was getting more and more frustrated by the day. As a latch ditch effort I was referred to Ikon Financial Group not expecting much, I sure was surprised! With the same numbers everyone else had they were able to get us pre-approved the next day and from accepted offer to closing in less than two weeks! While all the other lenders have scaled down staff to cut costs Ikon has increased staffing to better serve their clients and it made the difference in getting our loan done! They made the impossible a reality!

— Matt & Christina; Mt. Pleasant, SC

Bottom line, Ikon Financial Group was outstanding.

The whole process was effortless.  While other lenders were slow to process our loan app, Chris came in and had 3 offers on the table in a day.   I hated the whole application process with other lenders, and with Chris it was painless.  I felt as though some lenders were turning out to be deal breakers, where Chris was a total deal maker (sounds cheesy I know, but it’s true)!!  He made it happen, and we owe it all to him.  We would highly recommend using his company.  There’s no doubt about it, Chris knows his business!

— Deborah Glazier; Folly Beach, SC

I can always recommend Ikon Financial Group.

I have worked with Ikon Financial Group over the years and referred many clients. They are always responsive to me as a realtor and have consistently been competitive in the lending market. With several avenues of lending programs, my buyer clients have given great feedback to the products and services offered, the professionalism, the awareness of the market and the responsiveness of Ikon’s employees. With confidence, I can always recommend Ikon Financial Group as a professional organization and Lending Institution.

— Scott Limehouse; Coldwell Banker, Chicora Real Estate

For 2 1/2 years my husband and I had our eye on our “Dream Home”.

The home is a custom built log home on a lovely lake setting. Even though we had great credit and a good down payment, several financial institutions turned us down due to “No Comparable Sales.

It is hard to find comparables when the house you want is unique, and my husband and I felt that our credit history should have had an impact on our ability to finance.

We were just about to give up, and settle for a home that would have been nice, but it would not have been “The One”. Fortunately for us, we contacted Travis Torcoletti at Ikon Financial Group. Aside from the mandatory questions and documentation required by all lending institutions, Travis took the time to get to know us – thus better understanding what we were trying to accomplish. Since Travis has access to multiple lenders, and years of knowledge in the business – we were approved!

I have bought and sold many houses through out the years, and no other person was as professional, diligent, knowledgeable and caring than Travis.
Thank you so much for making our dreams come true!

— Susan and Michael P.